The sail plan shows Bolger's Chinese gaff rig  "which combinines the better aero-dynamics of the western gaff rig with the better control and reefability of the eastern Chinese Lug Rig" (Bolger). I wanted a rig that I could handle myself. In Bolgers words: "It alows rapid and reliable reefing for low-drama adjustment of sail-plan to changing wind-conditions". Double Eagle is not a modern light displacement go fast catamaran. She can carry a load and sail reliably in any conditions I'm likely to run into in Southeast Alaska. Other than over 1500' of running rigging the rig requires no exotic hardware. Main sheets are led to the wheelhouse to a triple rope clutch and a small winch.  Other control lines are also led to the wheelhouse or right outside the door.  Double Eagle will use running backstays to help support the 8" round 40' aluminum mast. Sail area is up to 930 square feet depending on jib(s) size.
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