Double Eagle is being constructed using Bolger's instant boat construction techniques. Materials are marine fir plywood, fir framing and lots of epoxy.The panels are constructed flat on the floor and precoated with epoxy and glass before assembly. The major panels for a hull are a bottom panel of doubled 1/2" ply, two lower side panels, two upper hull side panels and various roof and deck panels. I prefabricated everything I could as space is very limited once the hull is assembled. The ceiling height in my shop is not enough for a hull to sit upright so once the lower hull was assembled with bulkheads it was tilted and supported at an angle. This worked very well as most of the work could be done standing on the floor rather than climbing up on top of the hull.
Here is the 1" bottom panel with chine logs installed ready for the 1/2" side panels. You can see the side panels against the wall.
Here is the tilted port hull showing the fordeck, deck hatch to a cargo hold and hatch to the forward cabin.
This is the outer stem piece made of plywood.
The stem piece installed.
Another view of the outer stem and part of the built up "V" section on the forward area of the bottom. This "V" section is added on to the existing 1" hull bottom creating a double hull forward.  There is quite a bit of fairing yet to do.
This is the upper outside panel. All the windows are not cut out.
The starboard hull on its side with major bulkheads installed.
This is the starboard hull showing the cutwater added on to the bottom. It is filled with foam and heavily glassed.
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