Here is the port side of the completed starboard hull.
The starboard side of the starboard hull. Since the hull was tilted inside the shop I didn't get paint on this side before moving the hull outside.
In this photo you can see the two flanges for the stress bulkheads that connect the two hulls together. The bottom is coated with Copperpoxy, a heavy epoxy paint with a lot of flake copper added.
A Photo of the bow
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Here is the second hull being moved into position. On the left you can see a temporary framework to positon the second hull precisely 12 feet from the other hull. The hull is suspended from the 6' X 8' beam with ropes to the two main bulkheads.
These views show the temporary shelter with the two hulls. The second hull wasn't primed before I moved it out. The primer I ordered was not unloaded off the barge when it arried here and went to the Pribiloffs  (very far away) and it was quite a while before it finally got back here.