Double Eagle Photos 
Page 4
Looking aft on  what will be the forward deck area. The fairing is visible on the lower left. The horizontal plank across the two doorways is temporary scafolding to allow easy working on the forward part of the central house roof. On the roof you can see that half of the  pink insulation is installed.
Here is the same view as above but from a lower vantage point. The fordeck has a lower curved section that will intersect the fairing on the left and the curved cleat on the right. The upper flat main deck lays ontop of the spine creating a storage area between it and the curved section.
This is a view of the fairing aft. A flat panel will cover the top of the fairing aft of the bulkhead.
Looking forward between the fairing and the spine.
This photo shows temporary joists and plywood forms for the roof over the bridgedeck area. The roof is a sandwich of ply-foam-ply.
This is the top surface of the roof. Half the foam is glued down. The plywood strips are temporary. The 3" screws pass through the plywood strip and the foam to the lower layer of ply below.
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