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This is the wheel house. It is exactly as Bolger originally designed it but is 2 feet wider as the overall beam of the boat is now 20 feet rather than 16 feet. Now the wheel house will have much more room, plenty for two people and a small chart table.
This is the central spine. It contains the centerboard trunk and a chain locker forward.
Double Eagle Photos 
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The engine mount is added to the aft end of the spine. This mount will accommodate twin Yamaha high thrust, four stroke outboards. The view above shows the spine in the original configuration before I switched to outboards.
Here is the aft bulkhead in place. I had a lot of help as the bulkheads were heavy. The notch in the top of the bulkhead is for the main mast to lay in.

Heres the aft bulkhead with bracing. and the outboard mount added. A fairing will cover the lower diagonal bracing.
The inside of the aft bulkhead showing supports for the spine, I have to add two more bolts.
A close up of the engine mount. Two high thrust, four stroke, 50 hp, Yamaha T 50s.
This shows the forward part of the spine and the forward bulkhead.