Double Eagle Photos
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This is the mostly completed galley. The cabinets are made of recycled Douglas Fir.
Another view of the galley. This photo shows the protection around the diesel range. You can see in the background that the cabinets protrude into the windows. I made the countertop backsplash out of 1/2" polycarbonate left over from the windows.
Looking aft in the galley, port hull.
Looking forward into the pilothouse. You can see the first piece of electronics installed, a powerful stereo.
Another view of the pilothouse.
Again, pilothouse
This shows the battery banks and related wiring. Two AGM 8D's - 540 amp hours, and a starter battery, also an AGM, 120 amp hours.
Looking to starboard in the main saloon. The setees are not finished yet and there will be a table between them that converts into a berth. Including the galley the main saloon is 12' X 16'.
Forward cabin port hull. The berth flats and floors are installed in all four cabins. They are all similar to this one. Their will be horizontal pine paneling on either side of the berth. The cabins are almost ready for paint.
Here are a couple of photos of my collapsed boat shelter. This happened in January 05. A depressing event but not a disaster. The boat wasn't damaged at all. A heavy snowfall caused the collapse. I awoke to a massive splintering sound at 4:00AM and new immediatly what had happened. The boat itself is now supporting the shelter and the covering is mostly intact and still weather tight.
Looking forward, port hull. The shelter collapsed down to the ground forward between the hulls, the walls still stand though. The exterior of the boat is weather proof and finished minus paint.

At last the shelter is gone and I can stand back and look at the boat. I hope to get it painted in the next few weeks.
Starboard aft view.
Starboard forward view.
Starboard bow.