A Bolger Sharpie
Bolger's "Double Eagle"
is a 40' catamaran I am currently building in Gustavus, Alaska
40' X 20' X 1'8"

For several years I operated  my  sharpie as a day charter whale watching vessel out of Gustavus, Alaska. The boat is designer Phil Bolger's "Skillygalee" design and was built by Thomas Fulk who commissioned the design. She is built to a high standard of fir, western red cedar, and Bruynzeel plywood.  Bolger called her a "silk purse sharpie". "Woodwind" has a large cockpit for her size and this made her comfortable for up to four passengers and myself for day charters. I did take six passengers a few times but that was a little tight. The accommodations are minimal, a V berth and small settee. When the weather was bad, often the case in Southeast Alaska, keeping my passengers warm and comfortable was a problem. I supplied raingear and floatcoats but sitting in an open cockpit in the rain and wind with the temperature generallly in the mid 50s was often more than my passengers bargained for.

I got to thinking about a larger boat. In 1999 I contacted Bolger and Friends and gave them a wish list for a new boat. I wanted a simple rugged charter sailboat with enclosed but windowed space. A traditional sailboat has enclosed space but it is often dark with limited views outside. The new boat had to sleep seven people so I could expand my business to include multi day trips. I did not specify a catamaran. When the study plan arrived I was immediatly pleased with the concept and design and instructed Bolger and Friends to complete the design.
29' X 7' X 1'6"
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The rigging is the biggest project remaining and the plan is to launch the boat in the spring of 2006. Hopefully this can be done when the ground is still frozen as this will make it easier to get equipment into the boat.

I have created a new website for the charter business associated with this boat. Check it out at: www.sailglacierbay.com
The boat will be available for charter starting June 1, 2006.

A new section has been added to this site. See the Bolger Fast Brick here.